Startup Refugees

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Startup Refugees is a life-changing social innovation founded in Finland. We believe in talented people and smart business. We are an expanding network of driven professionals with a mission. Startup Refugees harnesses the human capital of refugees, combines it with local entrepreneurship and creates new opportunities and more jobs for everyone.

Women Designed for Success (WODESS)

Women Designed for Success WODESS

Women Designed for Success (WODESS) is an association registered in Finland with the vision of encouraging and building up successful women. There is a seed of greatness embedded in every woman, but it is not every one that can step out and unleash that greatness by herself. We believe that by coming and identifying that […]

Helsinki Entrepreneurs International – HEI Network

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Helsinki Entrepreneurs International – HEI Network brings together entrepreneurs interested in internationalization. Internationalization can come in many ways: by import, by export, and by networking with international entrepreneurs in Helsinki.

The Hub

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The Hub is a free-of-charge community platform tailored to the needs of growth startups. The Hub gives an overview of the Finnish and Nordic startup community by providing visibility to all Finnish startups. Via the platform, startups can get assistance with their recruitment of talent, connection with investors and access best practice tools (e.g. employment […]

Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN)

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FiBAN is one of the largest and most active business angel networks in Europe. One of FiBAN’s main activities is to link potential high-growth companies to our members.​ Our members consist of business angels, or private investors who are looking to learn about startup investing, and make their own startup investments.

Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland (VietES)

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Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland (VietES) is a non-profit association established with the aim to support Vietnamese talents in founding their business in Finland. VietES organizes events and programs to inspire, educate and connect both Vietnamese and non-vietnamese who share the same passion in entrepreneurship.

StartUp School Haaga-Helia

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Haaga-Helia StartUp School is a combination of space, activities, people, skills, and knowledge. Courses, support and events are offered for students who are interested in entrepreneurship or who already have their own businesses.

The Shortcut

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The Shortcut is a talent accelerator whose goal is to help people improve their skills and acquire new ones, in order to enter the tech world by either creating a startup or joining one.

Maria 01

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Maria 01 is a community campus for the startup ecosystem. It is a not-for-profit combination of a selective tech-club, a community house and a tribe of people building the products and services of the future. Maria 01 provides the best possible environment for early-stage startup teams to work alongside venture capitalists, corporations, and other startup […]

NewCo Helsinki

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NewCo Helsinki was founded in 1992 as a support and advisory service provider for entrepreneurs and local business owners. Its mission is to increase the number of businesses in the Helsinki area. NewCo Helsinki is working towards the vision to turn Helsinki to be a cluster of international business life.