Together We Are

We believe in serving others, living a purposeful life, and entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to do just that. The entrepreneur serves by solving a particular problem and creating value. Along the way, (s)he finds meaning. 

We also believe that everyone can benefit from the entrepreneurial mindset, which includes the go-for-it attitude, value creation, innovation, resilience and perseverance.

The Coronavirus has flipped the world upside down, especially for SME owners and solopreneurs. In this critical time, EoF is compelled to tell the truth and gather help for the Finnish entrepreneur community. That’s why we launch the #coronarelief campaign.

The campaign revolves around 2 most important stakeholders: Entrepreneurs and Experts.

We want to make a series interviewing SME owners, have them talk about their situation, how Corona affects their business and their personal life, and what supports they need urgently.
By talking with a lot of entrepreneurs, we collect common questions, worries, & problems & seek the solution by reaching out to the experts for tips, advice and timely information.

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Are you an Entrepreneur?

We are looking for entrepreneurs, business owners of SMEs that have been heavily affected by the Coronavirus. Share your Corona story, how the pandemic affects your business and your personal life, and what supports you need urgently. You don’t have to struggle alone.

Are you an Expert?

We are looking for economists, business consultants/advisors, medical experts, government officers, marketing and financial experts… Share your Corona insights, expertise, advice and timely, verified information to help our community overcome this tough time.