“All small businesses deserve to know the secret to get more sales”, Antti Leijala – Lean-sales pioneer & CEO at UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd

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Antti Leijala is an author of four books about business strategy & CEO of UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd. He makes use of his 20 years of experience in international business management and 15 years of expertise as an entrepreneur to help people achieve bigger success for their career or organization. One of his biggest achievements is the invention of the Internet of Competition (IoC) model.

“SMEs are far too underserved segment and deserve much higher pricing power”, Päivi Kangasmäki – CEO & Founder at riskrate

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Päivi Kangasmäki changed her career path from the corporate world to entrepreneurship to follow her greatest passion – boosting SMBs Cash by a dynamic, predictive, and real-time risk rating. There’s a lot of difference and new lessons to learn, but she and her team in riskrate are determined to solve the problem that their customers are facing every day: the buyers’ willingness to pay.

“They say undoable, I hear not this way, not this time”, Huong Tran – Co-founder of ROND House

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Huong Tran is the co-founder of ROND House, a company whose mission is to bring urban life to the next level of fun, convenience, and comfort. After a brief teaching experience, plans to go to medical school and other study and work experiences, Huong is on a totally different career path far away from home. Together with her team, they work hard to give Helsinki citizens meaningful living experiences and a lifestyle rich in sharing, learning, and inspiring.

“2,5 years running a startup taught me more real-life skills, than what I had learned at university in 5 years.” – Elisabet Miheludaki, CEO & Founder of amplaffy.io

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Elisabet founded amplaffy in 2017. Almost three years later, the team now is much bigger, more dedicated to pursue their mission – contributing to a borderless, mobile world, where anyone, anywhere has the same opportunities to realize their potential in their lifetime. The company personalizes data about startup jobs and learning resources that are currently scattered, making them easily accessible through a single node for better career planning.

“I quit my corporate job in a foreign country to explore my passion with no networks, no Finnish skills, no knowledge of entrepreneurship and suddenly, with no source of income”, Priyanka Banerjee – Co-founder and CEO at BusinessWiz

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Priyanka Banerjee is an entrepreneur and public speaker whose mission is to create an inclusive society where she wants to live in and could feel that she belongs without any labels. Her company BusinessWiz is founded based on over seven years of experience working with international clients and customers. With the profound understanding and know-how, her team is helping companies to optimize multicultural teams’ performance, turn workplace diversity and inclusion into competitive advantages.

“Having a side business doesn’t mean you’re putting in half the effort” – Chris Moore, CPO at ReceiptHero


I don’t really believe I’m your typical entrepreneur. I wasn’t selling homemade lemonade on the side of the road as a kid. I’ve not followed the path of building something due to a personal pain point nor been passionate about something that deeply that I’d spend years and years fixing that problem. My early career has mostly been dipping in and out of a lot of startups, in different industries and in a variety of job roles.

“Being a mompreneur is not easy but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made” – Anna Juusela, Founder & CEO of We Encourage

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Can a movie change your life? This is the case for Anna after watching a documentary about forced marriage which made her so frustrated and angry that she decided she must do something about it! The only problem was, she did not know “how”. Anna thought until the age of 50, she might figure out some ways to help the girls and women. But then another event happened, which totally changed her plan!