About Us

"If you're going to live
Leave a legacy
Make a mark
On the world
That can't be erased"

Maya Angelou

Who we are

Entrepreneurs of Finland is a non-profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland.

We tell inspiring and insightful stories of entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners and self-employed from all walks of life in Finland. Everyone has a unique story, especially entrepreneurs. Their stories of failure and success, of struggling and thriving can help inspire and encourage people to embrace entrepreneurship or to do things they are passionate about but have never get started. We want to make our collection of entrepreneurial stories a resource for inspiration to support all entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Finland and around the world.

Our purpose

We believe in serving others, living a purposeful life, and entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to do just that. The entrepreneur serves by solving a particular problem and creating value. Along the way, (s)he finds meaning.

We also believe that everyone can benefit from the entrepreneurial mindset, which includes the go-for-it attitude, value creation, innovation, resilience and perseverance.

Our missions

Celebrate entrepreneurship

We want to give people the most authentic look and feel of how it’s like to be an entrepreneur in Finland.

Inspire people to adopt the entrepreneurial mindset

We are firm believers in the benefit of the entrepreneurial mindset: taking risks, embracing failures, creating values, and much more.

Honor entrepreneurs & celebrate their contribution

Thousands of entrepreneurs are contributing to a better world with their ingenuity and dedication. Their stories are worth being told.

Connect like-minded people

We believe magic happens when like-minded people are connected, stories are shared and ideas are discussed.

Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Being an Entrepreneurs of Finland does not mean you are born Finnish. We are committed to make Finland a more diverse and inclusive environment for anyone no matter who they are, as long as they possess an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our dream

Everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, especially in Finland, can come to us and get  the inspiration, knowledge, tools, and connections that they are looking for.

Our guests

Our guests are entrepreneurs who are currently living & working in Finland, or are spending a significant amount of time in Finland. We value and welcome people from all nationalities, industries, and fields of expertise to share their entrepreneurial experience & journey.

We never decide an interview guest based on how famous or successful they are. Our team always keeps the curiosity about every single person as we believe every entrepreneur has an interesting story to share with the world.

Know an entrepreneur with an inspiring story? Nominate him/ her.

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